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Halloween 2012 - Chibi Asteroids by The-Rainbow-Faerie Halloween 2012 - Chibi Asteroids by The-Rainbow-Faerie
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And lastly, the Chibi Asteroid Senshi! ...In case you hadn't already guessed. :P

So! Atsuko's costume was a bit of a problem; I used the cover from the first book of Sugar Sugar Rune to draw her costume, but when I went to color it I really hated all the black. xP So, I decided to change it to the anime coloration, which is a nice bright shade of pink. However, this means that the costume is inaccurate, because the anime changed a couple of the details. >< So now I'm mad at myself! But I had no time to change it, so that's just how it had to be. :shrug: Anyway, moving right along... Tomoko's costume was easy to draw for the most part, except when I got to her legs. I couldn't get them to look good with Cure Marine's boots on, so that's why she's half-turned and her legs are sideways. ^^; Other then that I think it turned out good, though! For Sakura, I wanted to draw her in one of Onpu Segawa's witch apprentice uniforms, and so I immediately picked my all-time favorite: the Motto! version. <3 I just love the design of this outfit so much!! :love: Oh, and I got lazy and that's why her arms are behind her back...and she really has no hands... :rofl: And for Midori, it was an easy pick for her costume! :giggle: And it was pretty easy to draw too, so thank goodness for that! =P

Here's a list of who they're dressed up as again, from left to right...

- Atsuko (Chibi Vesta) as Chocolat Meilleure (anime coloration), from Sugar Sugar Rune
- Tomoko (Chibi Pallas) as Cure Marine, from Heartcatch Pretty Cure
- Sakura (Chibi Ceres) as Onpu Segawa (Motto! witch uniform) from Ojamajo Doremi
- Midori (Chibi Juno) as Mew Lettuce, from Tokyo Mew Mew

And that's all of them! ^^ I hope you liked them all; I sure put a lot of work in to them! :faint:

These characters (my Chibi Senshi) MOI!
Sailor Moon Naoko Takeuchi :)
All other characters their owners! xD
Sailor-Serenity Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2012
You did wonderfully matching them with the outfits, they suit them perfectly~:heart:
The-Rainbow-Faerie Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2012   General Artist
Aww, thanks! :D
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